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Conner Design

Ryan Conner

39 Norman Street, Suite 301, Salem, MA 01970
p. 781-864-0772



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We believe in the adage that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and that this is particularly applicable to Architecture. The process of building design and construction involves a very large team including the Client, Building Management, Real Estate Brokers, Architect, Engineers and Consultants; each with their own specialization and objectives. Our role is to lead the design process by encouraging cooperation and facilitating communication between the team members and by relentlessly focusing attention on the project's program, goals, budget, timelines and overriding design concept. We strive to identify, understand and evaluate the seemingly independent design objectives & building systems early and systematically analyze their relationships & interdependence. It is this process, along with the ingenuity and experience of the team that allows us to create efficient and cost effective architecture by leveraging whole building design strategies to achieve multiple benefits.

Conner Design boasts an energetic group of talented Architects who approach every design in a contextual and environmentally responsible manner and who recognize the various external factors that impact each project. We make it our business to understand the real estate market, keep a finger on the pulse of the economy, study developments in design & engineering, and follow the most recent trends & fashion. Our insight into the success & failure of past works and ability to take an educated look into the future to anticipate needs not yet evident adds enormous substance to our work.




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